Our Salon


Come and experience the very latest in Tanning technology. Courses offered on our Sunbeds equate to just 50p per minute. Each sunbed boasts unique technology allowing us to cater for both novice tanners to the most experienced.

All Aspects of Nail, Beauty and Aesthetics provided. 

Why Use Us?

  • Over 10 years in the Tanning Industry

  • Latest equipment and Lotions

  • Sunbeds are cleaned after every session

  • Lamps regulaly changed for consistant tanning results.

  • We only use the very best 0.3 Lamps

  • Friendly & Knowledgable Staff

  • In house Sunbed Engineers.

  • Kents Leading Experts in the Tanning Industry

  • Only local Tanning Salon working with KCC

  • We are not just a Tanning Salon

Tan & Deliver are proud to offer Skin Rejuvenation and Anti-ageing Units designed to combat fine lines and wrinkles, Acne, psoriasis alongside many other skin complaints


The Showroom


Being the sole distributor for Tansun Sunbeds in the South East whilst being able to offer Equipment from most other manufacturers , we invite all new potential clients to our showroom to sample the very latest in tanning Technology. Whether you are a Salon owner, new business start-up or looking for a sunbed for your home, we can cater to your every need. Come have a seat in our comfy modern showroom, try out our equipment whilst we tailor a package to suit your requirements.

Our Salon is equipt with the following 

Luxura V8

The Infra Tan 

Infra Red Tanning

It is well-known that tanning requires oxygen, infra red light increases the oxygen in the skin so therefore less UV light is required to achieve the same tanning result in less time. 

This Sunbed helps promote a deeper,

longer lasting Tan.

Tansun Symphony
sym clear.png
sym clear.png

The Tansun Symphony

So good we have two in the Salon

the UK's Number one commercial vertical sunbed. Designed for discerning individuals requiring a stylish sunbed offering unsurpassed tanning results. These Sunbeds are very powerfull and hot, giving fast tanning results.

Luxura X10

The Ultrasun Q14

So good we have two of them!

These Laydown Sunbeds are very powerfull and hot. With high pressure facials and high spec body lamps, these sunbeds will provide you with an excellent tan whilst laying down and imagining you are on a beach somewhere.

luxura x10 x2.png
The Miracle
miracle cut out.png
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Natural anti aging treatment

  • Rejuvenates tired and sagging skin

  • Reduces Pigmentation 

  • Helps reduce pore size

  • Activates the regeneration of Collagen

  • Helps the Skin look plumper

  • Assists in the reduction of stretch marks

  • Restores Skins natural cellular activity

  • Reduces the causes age spots

  • Boosts Circulation, healthier skin tone

  • Effective Acne and Eczema treatment


Hypervibe Vibration Plate


Whole Body Vibration Machines stimulate and activate muscles, joints, and reflexology zones in ways that other forms of exercise can’t — without harmful impact or stress on the body.

This Vibration plate is 4X more powerfull than any other competing brand on the market.

Nails & Beauty
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new pricelist.png

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