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The Miracle

The secret behind great looking Celebrity skin!


Celebrities are turning to LED Light Treatments for its unparalleled anti ageing and renewing properties.


The Miracle CLT system brings you one step closer to flawless skin.  Once you've experienced the amazing results of the Collagen Light Treatment, you'll keep coming back for more.

Benefits of using LED Collagen IR Technology:


  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Natural anti ageing treatment

  • Rejuvenates tired and sagging skin

  • Reduces Pigmentation 

  • Helps reduce pore size

  • Activates the regeneration of Collagen

  • Helps the Skin look plumper

  • Assists in the reduction of stretch marks

  • Restores Skins natural cellular activity

  • Reduces the causes age spots

  • Boosts Circulation, healthier skin tone

  • Effective Acne and Eczema treatment

  • Reducing the appearance of Scarring 

  • Helps stimulate the healing of wounds

  •  Slows down deterioration of skin

  •  Destressing Calming Relaxing

  •  Eases Joint and Muscular Pain

  • Free from UVA and UVB

The Science


Due to the reduction of Collagen in our bodies over time, skin becomes more prone to wrinkles. Applying anti ageing creams externally might only give temporary benefits.


Tansun Miracle brings you elasticity enhancing technology that works naturally in the skin encouraging it to produce Collagen. Appearance becomes replenished giving the client a youthful radiance.


Discovered by NASA, this light therapy has restorative and healing properties, making it an excellent non-invasive & natural alternative to other anti-ageing treatments on the market.


The Light penetrates 10mm into the different layers of skin and activates the tired cells to begin renewing. This occurs between the 600-700nm wavelenght of the light spectrum.


This technology is known as one of the most natural and affordable forms of achieving effective anti-ageing. There has been extensive research conducted, proving its benefits and amazing healing effects on the skin.                                            

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How quickly will i see results?

A: Over a few sessions you will begin to notice changes like, tighter, softer more supple skin, improved circulation and a healthier complexion. 


Q: Does it help with Acne?

A: Yes, we have had many people notice results. It reduces the redness in the skin dramatically, before clearing the skin.


Q: Why have i not heard of this before.

A: It is still relatively new technology, only certain approved salons have this unit.


Regular use over a longer period of time will result in further improvements replenishing collagen, leading to reduced fine lines on the face and neck, fading of age marks, pigmentation, and increased detoxification to reduce puffy eyes.


Advantages for your Salon


  • Non invasive

  • Pain Free

  • Fast Treatments - 15 minutes

  • Free from UVA and UVB

  • Excellent and reliable technonolgy

  • Easy to install

  • Space saving unit

  • Cost effective, running at 6p per hour

  • incredible results for clients

  • Superb revenue potential and repeat business


By Tansun