Technical Specifications:

Lamps: 24 X 160 Watt

Single Phase Fuses: 2 X 13 Amps

Single Phase Means of connection: 2 X Domestic 3 pin plugs

Tansun Sapphire

Colour Options:


Prices From: £2900 includes VAT, Delivery & Installation

Prices dependant on Specification

Tansun Sapphire, the revolutionary Home Sunbed range. We are pleased to be offer an aesthetically pleasing vertical sunbed made for your own home. Tansun Sapphire just plugs into your domestic plug sockets and takes up very little room. Perfect for obtaining a beautiful tan from the comfort of your own home.  Now available in two different sizes (1.88mtr or 2mtr ) (160 watt or 200 watt Lamps)

16 different colour options.


1.88m x 81cm = 24 x 160 watt lamps

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Electronic ballasts

  • No starters

  • Instant start

  • No darkening of tube ends

  • Easy to dismantle

  • Easy to transport

  • Fast tanning

  • Long lamp life

  • Looks and tans like a commercial sunbed

  • Light weight sunbed - only 1/3 of the weight of conventional ballasts


With over 30 years Manufacturing knowledge and expertise, Tansun has been able to uniquely design a light weight Domestic Home Sunbed range, for the convenience of your own home. As with all TanSun sunbed's they are 0.3 compliant.

6ft Home Use Sunbed
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sapphire line 2.png
Tansun 2m Sapphire Domestic- grey.png
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sapphire base clear.png
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sapphire inside clear.png
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