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Tansun Infra Tan

Technical Specifications:

44 X 160 Watt

4 X 40 Watt

4 X 500 Watt Infra Red Lamps

Colour Options:

Burgundy | Royal Blue

Available in Single Phase or Three Phase Supply

Price: £6850 including VAT, delivery & Installation

Tansun Vitesse Infra-Tan Sunbed incorporates ground-breaking research and developments in paving the way for other commercial vertical sunbeds to follow. Tansun has vast expertise in Infrared technology, as a manufacture we have been able to introduce a unique tanning sunbed into the global tanning market, combining the benefits of UV tanning with infrared lamps for wellbeing.


The Ground Breaking Tansun Vitesse Infra-Tan offers:

  • Durable yet stylish

  • Designed for maximum ease of use and comfort

  • Cool, intelligent airflow

  • 44 UV Tanning tubes 4 Infrared Lamps

  • Long lamp life

  • Digital hour counter

  • Integrated Stereo Speakers

  • Fast, even all over tanning

  • Guaranteed tanning results

  • Available in Royal Blue | Burgundy


The sun remains the principal source of infrared exposure for people. However, there is now a new source of this beneficial heat with Tansun’s exclusive Vitesse Infra Tan Sunbed, which can be used for therapeutic applications. Infrared has been used for the local treatment of muscle pains for many years; however, through recent technological innovations at Tansun it is now possible to offer a full body treatment.


When infrared is combined with UV, it forms the next best thing to sunlight. Soothing, relaxing and healing. It takes effect through group of reflex responses to heat exposure, such as expanding blood vessels in the skin, sweat glands are stimulated and the skin is warmed to a depth in a gentle way without any discomfort. This kind of heat radiation speeds up various bodily processes making it ideal for therapy and healthcare


It is well-known that tanning requires oxygen, infra red light increases the oxygen in the skin so therefore less UV light is required to achieve the same tanning result in less time. Special infra red lamps in the Infra Tan unit, with an emission spectrum designed to match human skin properties, ensure pleasant body warming and provide unique heat penetration into the skin. The result is a feeling of relaxation and well-being within a very short period of time. Tansun’s Infra Tan unit has been designed to incorporate the features of the Vitesse with the patented infra red technology to produce an exceptional multi-benefit unit. The "cool heat" effect from these special infra red lamps can produce faster and better tanning results. The health benefits which can be gained from this technology include:


• De-stresses
• Promotes relaxation and enjoyment
• Relieves insomnia
• Provides pain relief
• Improves short-term memory loss

• Eases arthritis
• Relieves muscle spasms
• Eases whiplash
• Shoulder and lumbar pain relief

• Eases acne, eczema and psoriasis
• Improves skin tone
• Reduces cellulite
• Lowers blood pressure
• Improves immune system


All Tansun Commercial Sunbeds can include an Optional Changing Area, The Vitesse Infra- Tan Sunbed is available with a unique, high quality, fully integrated changing area. The changing unit is lockable for complete privacy and equipped with a mirror, coat hooks, interior lighting and a choice of door position to suit your salon.


 Tansun Sunbeds are all compliant with 0.3 European Standards

vitesse dimentions.png
regulation 0-3 compliance.png